About Hager:

Established in 1955, The Hager Group, registered as a European Society SE (Societas Europaea), is a significant player in the domain of electrical distribution and automation products/ solutions for residential, commercial & industrial buildings.

Hager is an innovation driven organisation. Working in close relation to customers to fulfill market/ customer needs, the group has filed 1240 patents, with the support of 660 R&D engineers. Hager is synonymous for its differentiated products/ solutions, with high level of functional reliability.

Hager's product/ solution offerings in India include the LV final distribution products like MCCBs, MCBs, RCDs, Distribution boards, control devices for lighting management and Home automation.

Areas of activity:

  • Energy distribution
  • Cable management
  • Wiring accessories & building automation

Hager in figures:

Sales in 2012:
1.62 billion €
Production sites:
20 in 11 different countries
Sales offices:
R & D Engineers:
Annual sales invested in R & D:
Life of Products:
65% within 3 years.